My first two competitions

Hi everybody! So as you might have seen on my Instagram, I went to 2 competitions a few weeks ago. The first one was kida far from our barn but it was ok. At the 90cm class of the first day I forgot the course and made a circle, then I have no idea what I have done but I almost fell. After, I still entered the 1m class and I struggled so much to get Canelle to jump the first jump but after 3 trues, she finally jumped it and we had a perfect course with one down. The second day was alright, I entered both classes and the last day I entered only the 90 cms class. Our course was perfect, we were having 10 seconds less than the person on the first place but, I made the horrible decision to make Canelle go faster before the last jump but as I said it was a horrible choice and we had the last fence down.


The next weekend, I went to another competition. The day before the competition I fell because of some rears and I hurt my back .Then Friday, I entered the 90cms class. I had some mistakes but not so important ones. At the 1m class, I tried go go to the first jump but Canelle kept rearing and bucking so I retired. The next day she did the same at the 90cms class so I retired again. I was so mad at myself. Sunday morning, my trainer entered with her at the 1m class and then I enter at the 90cms. This time we started the course but each time we were passing by the gate she stopped and reared but I convinced her to finish the course.


Now I m preparing myself for this weekend s competition and I hope this time it will be better.

10 facts about me

  • First fact, I am really shy but I like meeting new people but I am really opened and some might even say I m weird when I m with my friends.


  • I started by having another blog in 6th grade but I totally forgot about it and this year I decides to remake a blog but I didn’t liked it anymore so I created this one. Even if I have this blog for a long time and I keep writing on it, almost nobody knows about it because I have told only a around 10 people about it.


  • My dad is french so I can speak fluently french


  • I started riding when I was 4


  • My uncle had a mare named Vianna but unfortunately she died when I was really young so I don’t remember her so well


  • I really like crafting so you might see some of my crafts here on my blog


  • I was afraid of  jumping for 2 years but a mare named Chocolatte at the barn I an right now helped me get over that fear


  • Most of the books I read are in french because I hate reading in other languages


  • I love spending time outdoor, in the nature


  • Last fact, I am so obsessed with horses and I speak almost only about horses (sorry not sorry for my non horsey friends who are so tierd of listening to me speaking about horses all day)





Review: Ravene Easy-Shine

Where you can get these products :
I got mine at decathlon but you can get them in many stores in france and I think you can find it in other places too.

Positive points :
I love this product so much because it smells soooooooo good, it works really well and and I really like the fact that it makes Canelle really shiny and it helps me keeping her clean as you have seen on the part where I say my tips to clean a dirty horse.
Negative points :
There are not negative parts because as I said this product is really nice.

My rate :


Review: Fouganza saddle pads

For my second product review I wanted to talk about fouganza saddle pads because I have 4 of them and I have tested them for a long time.

Where you can get these products :
You can get them at decathon, they have a really ok price that can change on different models.

Positive points :
I really like their quality, I have a turquoise fouganza saddle pad since one year and a half  and it looks amazing. The colour is a little bit washed off and it has some oil stains on it but the quality of the material is really nice. They also have some pieces of a sort of ribbon to pass the girth trough it so the saddle does not get back.

Negative points :
Well I don’t really find negative points maybe just the fact that they this brand does not have so many models to choose from.

My rate :

I really hope you liked this style of presentation for the product reviews,I really tried my best.if you have any tips just let them in the comments.



What’s in my grooming box?

Now I will show you what I have in my grooming box. This is NOT all I have, this is just what I keep in the box next to my stall. I have another big box where I keep my saddle and my other tack. If you want I could show you that too but it’s usually a big mess there.

My tips for cleaning a dirty horse

I think you all know how it feels to have a dusty horse. Canelle always got dust on her back even if I brush her each day :))

First tip

My first tip is to use mane an tail spray, to put it on a towel and to brush the horse with the towel. This  won’t totally remove the dust but at least it will be hidden. This is what I do before the shows because it also makes the horse shine.

Second tip

My second tip is to use the thing made to take off the excess water when you bath your horse to scrape the dust off the horse. I tried this many times and it works but it doesn’t work perfectly so I recomand using this to tar off the most part and then to use the first tip.

My third 

My third and last tip is to use a regular microfiber duster to clean the horse with. This works so great and I use this every time I clean Canelle.


Saturday at the barn with me

Hello everybody! So as someone has requested, here is a day at the barn!


I came at the barn around 8 AM. First I cleaned Canelle and I tacked her up. Usually, Saturday before tacking up the horses we go in the ring with the trainer  to install the fences but this week we installed them on Friday.


– Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but it s taken with my phone and the light was horrible –


So after we went in the ring and first we warmed up the horses and then we jumped. This week we jumped a 1 m course and Canelle was really nice even if I failed some distances and she bucked a little bit.

Then I took the tack of Canelle and I went in the ring in order to help my trainer and my best friend.  After their training, I put Canelle a Christmas outfit on. Then we went at the back of the stables and the photographer of the barn took pictures of us in the snow. You can see some of the photos in the slide show  right here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the photo shooting, I cleaned my boots and I put my tack back in order and I went back home.


Hope you liked this post,

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1 year with Canelle

Exactly one year ago, I went to a barn, we spent 5 hours in the car to go there. I rode a few horses. From all of that hoses I chose Canelle. At home we started working but i/t was difficult because of her way to be.

I was scared, I cried a lot but with the time learned to face my fear and to control Canelle. We went to a dressage show, and we have a lot of wonderful memories togheter. I will never regret the fact that I chose her! I love her so much!!!!

DIY: decorated horseshoe

Review: Equi-theme back protection

Hi everyone, so for this first blog post I decided to do a product review, and I chose the equi-theme back protection. I got mine in France last summer because my mum really liked this type of back protections.

At be begging I didn’t wanted this protection because I was preferring the one I had before but my mom obligated me to take this one. First I rode with it in France, at the summer camp and from then on I am using only that one.

Positive points:

The material is really good and the back protection is really comfortable when riding. The protection is not heavy so you don’t fell it so much when you are moving.

Negative points: 

I don’t find so many negative points….. maybe just when I fell off with this protection I still got hurted at the back because the protection was not long enough.



That’s all for this  review, hope you liked it. I will try to post another thing on the blog this week. Also this week end I will make a post where I will show you a day at the barn because someone requested. If you have any ideas of what I should post or you just want too see something on my blog feel free to ask me. You FM me on insta ( @ilohorse), send me an email or just complete the thing in the “contact” section.canelle care sare