Review: Equi-theme back protection

Hi everyone, so for this first blog post I decided to do a product review, and I chose the equi-theme back protection. I got mine in France last summer because my mum really liked this type of back protections.

At be begging I didn’t wanted this protection because I was preferring the one I had before but my mom obligated me to take this one. First I rode with it in France, at the summer camp and from then on I am using only that one.

Positive points:

The material is really good and the back protection is really comfortable when riding. The protection is not heavy so you don’t fell it so much when you are moving.

Negative points: 

I don’t find so many negative points….. maybe just when I fell off with this protection I still got hurted at the back because the protection was not long enough.



That’s all for this  review, hope you liked it. I will try to post another thing on the blog this week. Also this week end I will make a post where I will show you a day at the barn because someone requested. If you have any ideas of what I should post or you just want too see something on my blog feel free to ask me. You FM me on insta ( @ilohorse), send me an email or just complete the thing in the “contact” section.canelle care sare

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