Saturday at the barn with me

Hello everybody! So as someone has requested, here is a day at the barn!


I came at the barn around 8 AM. First I cleaned Canelle and I tacked her up. Usually, Saturday before tacking up the horses we go in the ring with the trainer  to install the fences but this week we installed them on Friday.


– Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but it s taken with my phone and the light was horrible –


So after we went in the ring and first we warmed up the horses and then we jumped. This week we jumped a 1 m course and Canelle was really nice even if I failed some distances and she bucked a little bit.

Then I took the tack of Canelle and I went in the ring in order to help my trainer and my best friend.  After their training, I put Canelle a Christmas outfit on. Then we went at the back of the stables and the photographer of the barn took pictures of us in the snow. You can see some of the photos in the slide show  right here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the photo shooting, I cleaned my boots and I put my tack back in order and I went back home.


Hope you liked this post,

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