My tips for cleaning a dirty horse

I think you all know how it feels to have a dusty horse. Canelle always got dust on her back even if I brush her each day :))

First tip

My first tip is to use mane an tail spray, to put it on a towel and to brush the horse with the towel. This  won’t totally remove the dust but at least it will be hidden. This is what I do before the shows because it also makes the horse shine.

Second tip

My second tip is to use the thing made to take off the excess water when you bath your horse to scrape the dust off the horse. I tried this many times and it works but it doesn’t work perfectly so I recomand using this to tar off the most part and then to use the first tip.

My third 

My third and last tip is to use a regular microfiber duster to clean the horse with. This works so great and I use this every time I clean Canelle.


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