Review: Fouganza saddle pads

For my second product review I wanted to talk about fouganza saddle pads because I have 4 of them and I have tested them for a long time.

Where you can get these products :
You can get them at decathon, they have a really ok price that can change on different models.

Positive points :
I really like their quality, I have a turquoise fouganza saddle pad since one year and a half  and it looks amazing. The colour is a little bit washed off and it has some oil stains on it but the quality of the material is really nice. They also have some pieces of a sort of ribbon to pass the girth trough it so the saddle does not get back.

Negative points :
Well I don’t really find negative points maybe just the fact that they this brand does not have so many models to choose from.

My rate :

I really hope you liked this style of presentation for the product reviews,I really tried my best.if you have any tips just let them in the comments.



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