10 facts about me

  • First fact, I am really shy but I like meeting new people but I am really opened and some might even say I m weird when I m with my friends.


  • I started by having another blog in 6th grade but I totally forgot about it and this year I decides to remake a blog but I didn’t liked it anymore so I created this one. Even if I have this blog for a long time and I keep writing on it, almost nobody knows about it because I have told only a around 10 people about it.


  • My dad is french so I can speak fluently french


  • I started riding when I was 4


  • My uncle had a mare named Vianna but unfortunately she died when I was really young so I don’t remember her so well


  • I really like crafting so you might see some of my crafts here on my blog


  • I was afraid of  jumping for 2 years but a mare named Chocolatte at the barn I an right now helped me get over that fear


  • Most of the books I read are in french because I hate reading in other languages


  • I love spending time outdoor, in the nature


  • Last fact, I am so obsessed with horses and I speak almost only about horses (sorry not sorry for my non horsey friends who are so tierd of listening to me speaking about horses all day)





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