My first two competitions

Hi everybody! So as you might have seen on my Instagram, I went to 2 competitions a few weeks ago. The first one was kida far from our barn but it was ok. At the 90cm class of the first day I forgot the course and made a circle, then I have no idea what I have done but I almost fell. After, I still entered the 1m class and I struggled so much to get Canelle to jump the first jump but after 3 trues, she finally jumped it and we had a perfect course with one down. The second day was alright, I entered both classes and the last day I entered only the 90 cms class. Our course was perfect, we were having 10 seconds less than the person on the first place but, I made the horrible decision to make Canelle go faster before the last jump but as I said it was a horrible choice and we had the last fence down.


The next weekend, I went to another competition. The day before the competition I fell because of some rears and I hurt my back .Then Friday, I entered the 90cms class. I had some mistakes but not so important ones. At the 1m class, I tried go go to the first jump but Canelle kept rearing and bucking so I retired. The next day she did the same at the 90cms class so I retired again. I was so mad at myself. Sunday morning, my trainer entered with her at the 1m class and then I enter at the 90cms. This time we started the course but each time we were passing by the gate she stopped and reared but I convinced her to finish the course.


Now I m preparing myself for this weekend s competition and I hope this time it will be better.

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